Corporate responsibility

With our Corporate Responsibility, we make every decision count every day and take steps towards a sustainable future.

The United Nations has agreed worldwide on a set of goals for sustainable development - to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Companies must be part of that solution, and so must Nomios.

Nomios and Sustainability

The IT sector is growing worldwide, therefore the importance of sustainable business within the sector and reducing the impact on the environment is increasing.

At Nomios, we believe in sustainable and circular IT and as an international company, we are actively working on reducing our carbon footprint. So in addition to offering best-of-breed solutions, our customers will also be challenged to think about future-proof architecture that is flexible and can grow with demand.

To ensure that our environment, our people and our economy continue to grow in a healthy way, we follow the 3-R model (Recycle, Reduce, Re-use). With these three concepts, we address all parts of the product cycles to stimulate conscious consumption and reduce the impact on the environment. Nomios does everything in its power to make this happen and we expect transparency from all our vendors regarding their supply chain.


By collecting equipment that has reached the end of its lifecycle, both raw materials and the energy used for extraction, are saved. We expect our vendors to have a sustainable and well-thought-out plan regarding the recycling of old equipment. The goal is to realise a closed loop.

Nomios also offers customers the possibility to recycle their current equipment through the "Nomios Take-Back Policy".


This concerns both the vendors and our customers. Vendors must reduce the use of critical raw materials, both in equipment and in packaging, sourcing raw materials from conflict zones in a responsible manner. This means reducing the number of hazardous substances and dealing responsibly with local populations. We also strive for energy-efficient solutions and expect clear documentation from vendors in this area.

Customers of Nomios are encouraged to choose a solution and/or a scalable solution that is effective in the long run. This way, the current equipment can stay in use longer or grow along with the demand. Our pre-sales team is skilled in coming up with creative and innovative solutions that fit the needs of the customer and contribute to this sustainable way of growth. The life span of solutions can thus be extended through for example by means of efficient repair and support. Nomios's worldwide support organisation, Nomios makes sure customers are helped as soon as possible and to their satisfaction.


The goal of re-use is to recycle old, functioning equipment that no longer fits the current network requirements. Through repair and support, Nomios can extend the lifespan of the equipment. Nomios also recycles all the packing materials. In this way, we contribute to reducing the use of raw materials. Nomios is always willing to search for the best solution for old equipment.


Our partners, such as Juniper Networks, invest heavily in sustainability and social return. By choosing them over less sustainable partners, we guide our customers in their desired direction: More efficiency, less waste and a better world for everyone.

Nomios and social return

Every year Nomios gives employees the opportunity to select a number of different charities for fund-raising events. We do this so we can give back more to society together.


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