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Cybersecurity and networking infrastructure are crucial for the transport and logistics industry to protect data and maintain seamless communication, ensuring smooth operations and safeguarding against cyber threats.

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Sharing data is becoming a common practice within the transport and logistics industry. Think of connected warehouses, IoT devices passing on information, transport management systems, CMR transport documents and financial records, or even real-time information about vehicle locations.

These are modern methods and systems, and increasingly complex communication systems, that often leave data flows and networks unprotected. All of this means that it's relatively easy for third parties to access that data, with potentially disastrous effects.

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Industry challenges

Do these sound familiar?

Each of these challenges requires a smart approach, often involving advanced solutions like Zero Trust, SASE, and SD-WAN, to ensure robust network connectivity and security.

Cybersecurity for data and cargo

Safeguarding passenger data and cargo from cyber threats remains an active concern to ensure secure operations.

Remote access and mobile security

Balancing secure remote network access with the needs of a mobile workforce is a key challenge.

Security compliance

Staying compliant with evolving security and connectivity regulations, especially across borders, is a constant priority.

Fleet digitisation

The industry faces the ongoing task of digitising fleet management and maintenance processes to enhance operational efficiency.

Manpower and expertise shortage

Addressing the shortage of skilled professionals and expertise in managing complex network architectures remains a persistent challenge.

Cloud benefits and security

Maximising the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining security remains a complex endeavour.

Smart warehousing optimisation

Achieving the full potential of smart warehousing technologies, including automation and real-time inventory management, continues to be a priority for logistics companies.

Compliance and regulatory challenges

Navigating and complying with diverse international regulations like GDPR and NIS2 poses significant challenges.

Logistics leader Vervaeke Group improves fleet management

Vervaeke Group, the leading chemical and petroleum logistics provider in Benelux, more than doubled in size through acquisition. To ensure smooth operations and continued growth, the company embarked on a digital transformation initiative. Successfully digitising the business also demanded IT transformation. The company chose Nomios and the Mist WLAN Platform to empower its employees to work easily from anywhere in its garages, warehouses, and office locations.

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