An enterprise document and email classification system.

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Document classification solutions increase the level of security, positively influencing the awareness of employees and co-workers of the organization in regard of data protection and processing. The classification process not only facilitates searching and retrieving data, but is also particularly important in risk management, compliance with regulations and standards, and security management. This allows companies to consciously use categorized documents and ensure their adequate protection.

GREENmod software - an enterprise file and email classification system - has been developed by Tukan IT. On 3 April 2023, Tukan IT and Nomios Poland merged.

Nomios wants to change the way people work and live by creating innovative IT solutions that bring numerous benefits to clients.

We provide products tailored to the requirements and expectations of the clients we work with. Each member of our team feels that the work they do has a key impact on raising awareness of information security in companies in Poland, but - which is equally important - contributes to financial savings for these companies. Knowledge, experience and innovation of the applied solutions are the main factors building the image of Nomios Poland as a competent, progressive and modern company.

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Why GREENmod?

Enforcing corporate security policies

Including users as active participants of security processes makes them more responsible for information they create and distribute. The assigned classification, in the form of metadata added to each created document or e-mail message, allows to effectively enforce security policies adopted in the organization.

Making DLP solutions more efficient

The included metadata enables the effective use of other security systems. This is especially true for DLP systems, data encryption systems for example mail, archiving systems or Microsoft Rights Management Services® (RMS). Creating policies based on the metadata assigned in the classification process is one of the few methods to effectively manage the problems related to accidental data leaks.

Involving user in data protection

By using a data classification tool, users make informed decisions about document importance, data protection, and data processing. By engaging users in data classification, IT departments can focus on creating and enforcing policies. Sustained accountability and increased awareness are the added value of using TUKAN IT's GREENmod classification solution.

Ensuring regulatory compliance

Data classification software enables organizations to transfer confidential data, in compliance with internal regulations and policies. The use of the system allows to meet the requirements of information security standards and recommendations such as GDPR, ISO27001, NIS and many other standards used in organizations.

Increasing data security awareness

The data classification system allows you to clearly identify sensitive information by assigning labels and visible data classification level designations in documents and emails. When working on a document or on classified data, the user is educated through an interactive panel with prompts to help assign the correct class.


Main features

icon Integration with security systems
Integration with security systems
In the classification process GREENmod assigns tags, which are easily recognized by various solutions that analyze the content or properties of processed information. Classification, contained in created file or email message, allows DLP systems, RMS or firewalls to apply proper security policy.
icon Flexible configuration
Flexible configuration
The GREENmod solution features flexible configuration, the ability to create custom categories and subcategories, and easy deployment. System has unlimited classification labels with possibility of their individual adjustment in Outlook and Office package. The applied system of prompts supports users in problems with appropriate choice of classification.
icon Central management and reporting
Central management and reporting
GREENmod has an intuitive management console that provides configuration management, collecting content classification related events, reporting, agent installation and uninstallation. In addition, the system allows monitoring user activities related to document classification and access to protected information.
icon Forcing the classification of documents on their creators
Forcing the classification of documents on their creators
Before saving new documents, GREENmod will display a dialog box where the user will have to determine the confidentiality level of the document by classifying it accordingly. Additionally, the system can force the user to sign or encrypt messages for selected categories and even force the appropriate classification level based on the attachment level.
icon Protection against downgrading classification level
Protection against downgrading classification level
GREENmod provides protection against downgrading, thus preventing accidental or intentional leakage of sensitive information. For example, it is not possible to send a mail message as public (unclassified) if it contains a higher classified internal (secret) attachment.
icon Classifying previously created documents
Classifying previously created documents
GREENmod not only enforces the degree of confidentiality of new documents, but also gives the possibility to classify those that were created before its installation. When opening an unclassified document, the system may ask you to indicate the desired degree of protection.
icon Flexible distribution methods
Flexible distribution methods
Software is distributed to end stations using ePolicy Orchestrator's dedicated management console, but it is also possible to use other common enterprise installation methods, such as Microsoft SCCM, or Microsoft AD Group Policy (GPO).
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