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24/7 detection and prevention of IT security incidents by first line security monitoring.

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Year by year, cyber incidents are becoming a more serious problem for Polish companies. A report by advisory firm KPMG shows that more than 80% of companies have experienced such incidents, and half of those surveyed have problems hiring and retaining specialists responsible for cyber security. Due to the growing demand for security incident analysis and operational support, SOC24 was established in May 2018.

SOC24's qualified staff and Nomios's engineering support ensure that the operational service is carried out reliably. This connection makes SOC24 a reliable and experienced business partner for many institutions that have a need for incident handling and analysis in various variants, often after the operating hours of their company or SOC department.

First Line SOC is a service that consists of continuous observation of the customer's infrastructure by first line SOC operators, which allows incidents to be detected and reported as soon as they are detected. Operators monitor customer logs, processes and systems using advanced techniques to collect and collate data from various sources. This allows them to quickly detect unusual or dangerous activity on the infrastructure. When potentially dangerous activity is detected, SOC operators record and describe the event in the appropriate system, notifying the customer via the system or a second line of SOC operators.

Our services

Rapid response to the incident

Security monitoring

We offer a professional service in which our Security Operation Center operators monitor and alert you to all detected security incidents and unusual activity in your infrastructure.

Incident analysis

This is an advanced service, which includes all the analytical tasks related to handling security incidents, as well as proactive actions aimed at protecting your infrastructure in the best possible way.

Security services management

This consists in the activation, configuration, monitoring and administration of your IT security systems. It can be provided locally (on your premises) or centrally (in SOC24 or in the manufacturer's cloud) in 8/5 or 24/7 mode.

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SOC24 provides 24/7 monitoring, advanced second line services and managed security services. Security Operations Center is a service that helps detect and prevent IT security incidents. In addition, SOC24 handles incidents, finds threats, monitors logs in your SIEM system and provides periodic reports.

Monitoring, analysis, detailed and proactive reporting of events

Response by first line operators under 15 minutes.

Made in Poland. Talk to local experts who speak your language and understand your challenges.

Incident handling in the context of response scenarios developed together with the customer

Proactive and iterative monitoring of logs in SIEM to detect and isolate, advanced security threats

Regular reports with descriptions of detected threats and response times

Connect with usGet in touch with our security experts

Our team is available for a quick call or video meeting. Let's connect and discuss your security challenges, dive into vendor comparison reports, or talk about your upcoming IT-projects. We are here to help.

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Jacek Terpiłowski

Managing Director SOC24,
Nomios Poland

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