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SSE is a subset of SASE. In other words, all SSE solutions are SASE solutions, but not all SASE solutions are SSE solutions.

8 min. read
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Cisco Splunk

Cisco and Splunk join forces to enhance organisational resilience

Cisco's $28B acquisition of cybersecurity leader Splunk promises enhanced security and innovation.

1 min. read
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Juniper Networks improves user experience with cloud-based NAC and Mist AI-ChatGPT integration.

Discover Juniper Networks' cloud-based NAC solution driven by Mist AI and the integration of ChatGPT, enhancing user support and AI-driven networking strategy.

2 min. read
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Press release

Nomios and Nokia triple capacity for GÉANT European research network with renewal of IP backbone

A 10-year frame agreement pegs Nokia as the sole IP critical-network provider for massive backbone network migration for GÉANT led by partner Nomios.

5 min. read
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Juniper Networks

Campus fabric fundamentals: Simpler, better, faster, stronger

From Day 0 to Day 2+, discover what an AI-driven campus fabric can do for you and your organisation in this blog.

Christian Gilby
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Christian Gilby

7 min. read
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Company update Press release

IK Partners enters into exclusive negotiations for the sale of Nomios to Keensight Capital

IK Partners is pleased to announce that the IK VIII Fund has entered into exclusivity negotiations to sell Nomios to Keensight Capital, one of the leading private equity managers dedicated to pan-European Growth Buyout investments.

5 min. read
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NAC is back and better than ever!

Juniper has expanded its Mist AI-driven enterprise portfolio, with Juniper Mist Access Assurance. It's a cloud-based NAC service that enables enterprises to easily enforce a Zero Trust security model without the challenges associated with on-premises NAC.

Jeff Aaron
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Jeff Aaron

5 min. read
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Cybersecurity E-mail security

How to prevent your organisation from becoming a victim of phishing?

To prevent phishing at your organisation, it is important to focus on three things: education, processes and technology.

Erik Biemans
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Erik Biemans

9 min. read
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Data centre Network automation

Top 5 benefits of data centre automation

There are many great benefits to data centre automation, here we’ve selected the top 5, which we think could make the biggest difference to your organisation.

2 min. read
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Palo Alto Networks

What are the top 5 benefits of Palo Alto Cortex?

Palo Alto Networks Cortex is a comprehensive security product and service suite with advanced threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities.

3 min. read
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Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

DEM - Components, benefits and 10 best practices for implementation

By monitoring, measuring, and analysing user experiences in real-time, DEM enables organisations to optimise their digital platforms and provide seamless customer experiences.

5 min. read
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Juniper Networks AI-driven enterprise

What is an AI-driven enterprise?

The growing maturity and availability of artificial intelligence (AI) enables the creation of an AI-driven enterprise. Read how Nomios and Juniper can help you build one.

9 min. read
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Palo Alto Networks

5 benefits of Palo Alto Prisma

Palo Alto Networks Prisma is a comprehensive suite of cloud security products designed to protect organisations' cloud environments, including public, private, and hybrid clouds.

4 min. read
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Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) E-commerce

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) and its benefit for e-commerce organisations

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) is a critical process that enables organisations to measure, track, and analyse user interactions with their digital services and applications.

5 min. read
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Top DDoS protection solutions that should be on your radar

Overview of DDoS protection solutions to protect enterprises against these bigger, smarter and more diverse DDoS attacks. These should be on your radar!

8 min. read
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NIS2 advice to CISOs

As a CISO, it is important to understand the requirements of the NIS2 Directive and ensure that your company is compliant in a timely manner.

5 min. read
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Nomios Group expands in Southern Europe with leading Italian cybersecurity expert Aditinet

The acquisition of Aditinet strengthens Nomios’ European position as one of the leading cybersecurity service companies.

Sébastien Kher
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Sébastien Kher

2 min. read
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Network automation

Automation now: Why the silicon shortage is an opportunity, not a crisis

While it’s easy to view the silicon chip shortage as a massive headache, long production waiting times could actually be a significant opportunity for your business to innovate.

Adam Kirchberger
Placeholder for Adam KirchbergerAdam Kirchberger

Adam Kirchberger

6 min. read

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