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It seems like every day a new vulnerability is being announced that requires your attention. Whether it be a minor flaw in an application that you need to investigate or a proof of concept to compromise your perimeter firewall has just been posted on Github. Whatever way you look at it, you are always playing the defensive game. And that's basically the essence of your job.

Times are changing

In the last decade, we have seen the move from on-prem solutions and a hand full of cloud-based applications towards applications that are dispersed across multiple clouds. Since the critical data is also in these applications, the data itself has also gone beyond your safe on-prem perimeter.

Then Covid-19 came along and moved the workforce from the office to the home office. To make sure the company could continue to operate, solutions were put into place to enable people to work from home. During this process, business continuity was the primary factor and security came second.

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Your security comes first

As a member of the security team, you are always working towards raising the bar on security and getting back into the driver's seat. To do this it is essential to have a strong network foundation, to have visibility into the workloads and applications and to have the right tools to quickly respond to any threat. Some of this work might be done by you, and Nomios Poland could help to fill in any gaps ranging from element monitoring and field services all the way to managed detection and response. We believe that security is a collaborative partnership where we work together to educate, build, and run secure applications and infrastructure. Nomios Poland is continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in security, cloud, and networking.

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About Nomios Poland

The passion and talent of our employees is our strength – it is what drives us towards outstanding performance. We offer a dynamic, motivating, and sophisticated work environment. A culture that is open, innovative and performance-oriented. Our scale and scope, commitment to people and high standards of integrity make Nomios Poland a great partner to work with.

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