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DNS, DHCP and IPAM for modern networking. Enable network automation and security with advanced DDI services.

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A DDI solution (DNS, DHCP and IP address management solution) is an essential tool for the enterprise. This is because as enterprises grow – whether through market dominance or mergers and acquisitions – they continue to add new IP addresses to their network at an ever-increasing pace. In the past it was fairly easy to assign and manage IP addresses, but given the explosion of IP-connected devices that now exist, this is no longer the case. In addition, under the new IPv6 protocol, literally trillions of new IP addresses will become available, so enterprises must be ready to deal with managing a significant increase in IP address assignments across the network.

DDI solutions

Our DDI solutions provide the enterprise with the necessary tools to quickly and easily manage the various tasks associated with IP address management (IPAM), as well as DNS and DHCP services management across the network. Many enterprises manually manage the IPAM process using spreadsheets or similar applications not specifically designed for this type of function. This is not only time-consuming, but prone to error and difficult to update. It also lacks built-in automation, does not provide a consolidated view of IP address allocation and available space, and does not easily allow the administrator to generate the necessary reports for audits or compliance. Our DDI solutions provide the enterprise with these features and many more.


Centrally administer core network services

Our DDI solutions enable you to centrally control and automate DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) for hybrid and multi-cloud networks. Our DDI solutions eliminate the complexity, bottlenecks and scalability limitations of traditional DDI implementations.

icon Simplify and automate IT
Simplify and automate IT
Orchestrate and automate DNS, DHCP and IP address provisioning across distributed locations from the cloud.
icon Enhance network visibility
Enhance network visibility
Increase visibility into end users and devices across the network regardless of their location.
icon Scale elastically
Scale elastically
Quickly deploy DDI services where and when you need them to accommodate new devices and IP addresses.
icon Minimise downtime with local survivability
Minimise downtime with local survivability
Provide direct connectivity to the Internet and cloud-based apps to all users with local DNS resolution.
icon Ensure better end-user experiences
Ensure better end-user experiences
Reduce latency by connecting distributed locations to the nearest point of entry in the cloud for SaaS applications.
icon Accelerate DevOps
Accelerate DevOps
Eliminate manual intervention and automate the provisioning of network services that DevOps services need to move at cloud speed.
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