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AI-supported network infrastructure home office solution

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The cloud platform developed by Juniper Mist is a powerful network infrastructure solution with WLAN, LAN and security components that effectively combines telemetry data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to securely connect businesses, field offices, home offices and cloud applications. Setup is fully automatic and faults are detected and resolved proactively. Below we give you six reasons why Mist is the way to go for your network infrastructure.

1. Satisfaction

The user experience for employees and customers is greatly improved, with the AI comparing the performance of all network components, from the user to the application, with defined threshold values in order to detect potential errors before the user notices them and their effects.

2. AI @ home

Employees connect the AP21 access point to the power supply and home router (adapter, wall or table mount as well as licences for one year are included). Configuration is automatic, the VPN tunnel is established and the laptop connects securely to the business SSID, which is entirely separate from the home WLAN.

3. Straightforward setup

New hardware is easy to integrate into the network, configure and centrally manage thanks to QR codes. This helps to save time, reduce costs and avoid the risk of manual configuration errors.

4. Secure and reliable

The microservice-based cloud solution is maintenance-friendly and flexible. Errors can be resolved without service disruption and new functions/updates are installed continuously. It is equally suitable for small and large implementations.

5. GDPR-compliant

The solution is executed in an ISO 27001-certified SOC2 data centre at AWS in Frankfurt. Cloud processing is limited to metadata only, which are stored very briefly and fully encrypted. Customer data are never sent to or through the cloud.

6. Intelligent network assistant (Marvis)

The virtual network assistant is a text-based dialogue system that permits text input and output in natural speech. It highlights potential causes of error, proposes solutions and can resolve errors independently (correct missing VLANs or port profiles, etc.)

Nomios & Juniper Networks

As a Juniper Elite Plus Partner, Nomios has a strong team of certified technicians at its disposal, all of whom specialise in security and enterprise routing. Our specialists are recognised by Juniper Networks as experts and consultants for Juniper solutions, and this year, Nomios was recognised as one of few partners for its positive work by Juniper with participation in the ‘Enterprise Plus Programme’. This means that you can trust Nomios to use its technical expertise and wide-ranging experience to properly understand your network requirements and to plan, implement and operate a Juniper-based solution that meets your requirements in practice.

AI-supported network infrastructure for home offices Juniper Mist provides the perfect solution for effectively combining telemetry data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to securely connect businesses, field offices, home offices and cloud applications together.

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