Arista to Demonstrate Any Cloud Networking for Kubernetes at KubeCon NA 2018

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Arista Networks


Arista Networks unveiled a technology preview today of Arista’s Any Cloud platform for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition, providing a consistent and more secure enterprise-class solution for Kubernetes-managed container workloads spanning host-based and physical network infrastructure. The core of the solution integrates Arista containerized Extensible Operating System and CloudVision software into the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) framework.

Zero Trust Network Security and compliance for Kubernetes platforms

A key element of the solution, Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition, enables zero-trust network security and continuous compliance for Kubernetes platforms across public and private clouds, building on Tigera’s industry-standard open-source Calico technology. The technology preview will be demonstrated at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018 in Seattle, Washington.

“Extensible software is the basis of Arista's strategy. With Arista EOS and CloudVision delivering on that principle, we are continually able to extend our products into new use-cases. Through our collaboration with Red Hat and Tigera, our software can help simplify and secure these new containerized networking use-cases,” said Ken Duda, Senior Vice President and CTO of Arista Networks.

Extending the Arista Any Cloud platform

With support for Red Hat OpenShift and Tigera Secure, Arista provides enhanced security capabilities for enterprise customers deploying cloud-native and containerized applications on private, hybrid and public clouds. This integration extends the already available EOS-based products in an open and scalable ecosystem consisting of:

  • Arista cEOS integration with Tigera Secure container networking and network security based on Calico open source project
  • Arista vEOS cloud-grade routing as a connectivity platform for Kubernetes clusters running in on-premises private clouds and on public cloud infrastructures
  • Arista EOS and CloudVision software with Container Tracer available on all Arista platforms, now supporting Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes to provide visibility of the container workloads and connectivity to the network operators

Multicloud security, reducing costs and enhanced security segmentation

These architectural components provide customers with a solution for securing their multi-cloud networks while helping to reduce operational costs and provide enhanced security segmentation for containerized workloads in Kubernetes.

The new extension of Arista EOS for Kubernetes users delivers three key attributes for customers scaling out their Kubernetes deployments:

  1. A standards-based platform for extended network segmentation and policy framework based on Tigera’s commercialized Calico implementation;
  2. Improved compliance through cognitive controls in Arista CloudVision with Container Tracer functionality;
  3. New features in Arista’s EOS platforms with integrated cloud-grade routing using industry-standard BGP routing protocols.

These fundamentals provide enterprise customers with a simplified solution for network security, helping to reduce operational costs and mitigate security threats.

Arista Any Cloud Platform for Kubernetes

The new solution uses Arista virtual and cEOS software instances to provide a uniform enterprise-class/cloud-grade routing platform with enhanced visibility and security features tied into OpenShift and Calico commercial enterprise platforms from Red Hat and Tigera. Arista EOS is the core of Arista cloud networking solutions for next-generation data centers and cloud networks. Cloud architectures built with Arista EOS scale to hundreds of thousands of compute and storage nodes with management and provisioning capabilities that work at scale.

All EOS standard APIs and automation, operations, and visibility capabilities are supported by the Any Cloud platform for Kubernetes as well as Arista advanced state streaming and telemetry for real-time troubleshooting and forensics. No changes to the Kubernetes environment are required because the Arista Any Cloud solution leverages the standard open-source container networking interface (CNI) as defined by the CNCF, of which Arista is a member.

When will Arista cEOS be available?

Arista cEOS with support for Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition is available now for selected technology preview customers, with a planned General Availability in 2019. CloudVision Container Tracer support for Kubernetes is available now in the current version of CloudVision software. All other components of the solution from Arista technology partners are available today.

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