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Eurofiber and Nomios celebrate 10 years of partnership

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When the Dutch Government designates your work as being crucial to the infrastructure of the country it is essential you partner with the best. This is exactly what Eurofiber did 10 years ago by choosing Nomios as their trusted system integrator.

About the customer

A decade later and the seamless partnership between Eurofiber and Nomios, which focuses on network and security, is still going strong as they work together at an incredible pace. Eurofiber lays 160 kilometres of fibre optic cable each month to achieve their goal of helping European cities stay connected. In total, they have laid nearly 40,000km of fibre across Europe.

Proactive partnership

Commenting on the long partnership, Daniel Danon, Group Director Products & Solutions at Eurofiber said: Our network is based on the equipment they manage with us and that equipment is an integral part of all of the service level agreements - our promise to customers.”

Nick Vaes, Director Network Operator at Eurofiber, highlighted that when they started to work with Nomios they only had dark fibre.

“We partnered with Nomios for our active layer of the network. This ensures we are capable of delivering services, not only to our direct customers but also through all the partners at the indirect channels.

“It is a very proactive partnership, thinking together, evolving the network, and looking at what is going to happen in the future. It’s a partnership that is building a strong network to serve our customers.”

Taimen Boumans, Managing Director of The Netherlands at Nomios, echoed the sentiment saying the overlap in DNA between the two Dutch companies has deepened the partnership over the years.

“All the proposals and the projects we design and help deploy for Eurofiber provide quality, cost-effectiveness and also predictability is very important.”

Commenting on the current work to upgrade the core network infrastructure to 100G, Boumans said: “What we see happening in the market is that demands for those solutions are picking up. Technology is a step ahead of market demands. We already find ourselves exploring 400G.

“Eurofiber is expanding into many new markets like Belgium, Germany, France and moving into consumer markets. This is a nice overlap for us as we cover the same digital footprint so we find ourselves also exploring and widening the partnership in those areas as we move forward and taking it to the next level.”

Early challenges

Commenting on what challenges Nomios had to overcome during the early days of working with Eurofiber, Sjaak Lemmers, Account Director of Nomios said: “It started as dark fibre only, just the cables and no services in the early days. We helped Eurofiber to build and offer an IP service portfolio which is now formally assigned to as vital infrastructure by the government.”

High-speed bandwidth

Giving an example of a mission-critical infrastructure project, Nomios has successfully been involved with Eurofiber, Lemmers highlighted in 2017 they started to replace the older part of the networks to improve automation for provisioning. “This also enables us to grow the bandwidth to a scalable platform.

“The high-speed bandwidth project is a great example of our partnership with Eurofiber. We are expanding the bandwidth in the core to new generation equipment. And at the same time, this enables Eurofiber to keep the same processes and working relations, improve the performance and keep ahead of the market demands,” he said.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, their global team of experts has been serving more than 2,000 customers in Europe and the US since 2003.

Placeholder for Deployment of new fibre-optic connections.Deployment of new fibre-optic connections.
Deployment of new fibre-optic connections.

How Eurofiber is connecting cities


Eurofiber has a unique partnership with Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) who work with companies, governments, knowledge institutions and the people of Amsterdam with the aim of developing the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area as a smart city.

As the Dutch government has recognised, for a city to become connected it needs an open digital network so different providers can install and operate their services in an efficient way.

Eurofiber’s fibre optic infrastructure in the capital is very dense. The fine-meshed network coverage across the Dutch capital is laying the foundation for smart city applications so that sensors, intelligent systems, Internet of Things applications and big data analyses can be used efficiently.

Amsterdam has the most inhabitants of a Dutch municipality: 859,732 in an area of 219 km² - a quarter of which is water. Eurofiber’s coverage extends to hospitals, schools, metro services, energy stations and the famous canals with some 50 bridges and locks connected via the Eurofiber network, as well as 200 bus shelters and dozens of security cameras in the public space. With an average network distance of 400 meters to the backbone, 96 per cent of the locations in the Amsterdam region are within their network coverage.


Eurofiber started in 2018 with the construction of a large-scale, fine-mesh fibre optic network between all locations of the Municipality of Rotterdam. With this project, all existing fibre optic networks of the Municipality of Rotterdam are optimised and linked to the Eurofiber network, creating a single high-quality fibre optic network for the municipality.

“We've helped them connect everything from bridges to cameras and the electricity network. When we talk about a smart city, it means that everything in that city will benefit from being connected with fibre and opening up opportunities for the people living there,” said Danon.

“It is a key enabler which will allow the city to live its full digital potential and deliver its citizens more ecological and effective connectivity. We also have to think of futureproofing a smart city and prepare it for a future of 5G and edge computing.


Eurofiber has just appointed Christoph Klein as Managing Director Germany to lead the expansion in Germany as part of its European growth strategy. Eurofiber entered the German market with a joint venture with Vattenfall, which is established to connect more than 500,000 households and businesses in Berlin. Recently, it announced a partnership with fibre network operator NGN partnership to build a leading B2B fibre infrastructure platform in Germany.

“ From the start we were an open network, and it really is part of the DNA of the organisation that Eurofiber was built to be the fibre for everyone” - Daniel Danon, Managing Director Eurofiber Cloud Infrastructure
Placeholder for Daniel DanonDaniel Danon
Daniel Danon, Managing Director Eurofiber Cloud Infrastructure

Quick fire questions

In the hot seat with Daniel Danon, Managing Director Eurofiber Cloud Infrastructure

What technology do you predict will be used by data centres in the future?

“Data centres will bring data closer to the consumers and businesses. It will not just be about cloud but edge and ultra-low latency. At the end of the day it's making sure data is very close to customers. This will impact things such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, 5G, 6G as we move into the future.”

What plans do you have for the future?

“To be the best open infrastructure for the digital world. We want to enable our customers to grow and innovate without any digital limitations, and thus empower the digital society.”

What is the next smart city you will be working on?

“We are not focusing on one city. We've got a very dense mesh network across our territories and on a daily basis we are connecting more elements within a city than ever before. We are working with cities across all of our footprint in The Netherlands, Belgium and France.

“Our work in Berlin with Vattenfall is an amazing asset for the community to have in the ground and will benefit households and businesses as well as the city's optimisation management.”

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