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F5 Networks Announces New Packaged NFV Solutions for Service Providers

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F5 announced the general availability of two preconfigured, fully automated NFV solutions that simplify the deployment of virtualized solutions for service providers.

The solutions include F5 Networks' VNF Manager, delivering fully automated, end-to-end VNF lifecycle management that allows for the dynamic spin up, spin down or addition of new resources. An auto-scale function helps customers reduce overprovisioning of services because bandwidth increases automatically and is available on demand.

“Service provider organizations have plenty of options when it comes to virtualizing elements of their network, but what they haven’t had previously is a package that delivers consumption-based pricing that can be tied directly to business outcomes,” said James Feger, VP and General Manager of F5’s Service Provider business. “Beyond just VNFs and basic service management, F5’s new offering provides a preconfigured solution that gives customers push-button ease-of-use for capacity thresholds, along with service programmability and orchestration capabilities for specialized requirements.”

Use-before-buy model and NFV solution available with perpetual or subscription licenses

The NFV solutions are purchased as throughput options of 5, 10 and 50 Gbps increments, which simplifies customer network planning, sizing and purchasing. Solutions are available as perpetual or subscription licenses. After the initial purchase, you can simplify further purchases, seamlessly scale as you grow, and reduce the need for overprovisioning and for capacity forecasting with the use-before-you-buy feature, which is included with all NFV packaged solutions.

The two packaged NFV solutions are:

  • A Gi Firewall VNF Service provides flexible and powerful protection from attack for your network and subscribers.
  • A Gi LAN VNF Service provides solutions such as virtual policy enforcement and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and video optimization.

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