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Belgian national research network Belnet signs multi-million euro contract with Nomios / Infradata

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Belnet enters into an agreement with Nomios Poland for the support and expansion of its high-end network infrastructure. It concerns a contract of 13 million euro.

Selection of Nomios Poland

Nomios Poland has been selected by Belnet as the most economically advantageous offer in the public tender with European publication based on a list of strict criteria and sub-criteria based on quality and price. The framework agreement with Nomios Poland will run for five years during which time Nomios Poland will be responsible for the maintenance of Belnet's existing and future optical and IP network infrastructure, the delivery of additional equipment and the associated services.

About Belnet

For more than 25 years, Belnet has been the preferred IT partner for research, higher education and government. Belnet delivers innovative, high-performance network infrastructures and related value-added services to universities, colleges, research centres and government agencies and thus contributes to the flourishing of the knowledge and information society in Belgium. The Belnet ultra-performance network transports gigantic data flows and stimulates (inter)national cooperation in the field of research and education. Thanks to its expertise, unique market position and economies of scale, Belnet meets the specific needs of more than 200 member organisations, representing together more than 800,000 users.

Framework agreement

In the framework agreement, Belnet also acts as a buying centre for its community where a list of contracting organisations can award later contracts to Nomios Poland based on this contract. The contract can therefore be even higher in value for Nomios Poland.

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