Infradata contributes to the start of the Caribbean Internet Exchange (CAR-IX)

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Leiden, 2 april 2009 – The Caribbean Internet Exchange has been officially launched on the 23th of march. The initiative for the Internet Exchange in the Caribbean is a cooperation between all the local providers. The CAR-IX has been brought to life through connection with the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX); the biggest Internet Exchange in the world. Infradata supplied the project with Juniper routing equipment for a better connectivity.

The hardware of the exchange is situated in a datacenter at the e-commerce park in Vredeburg near Willemstad. Six big local parties (UTS, Telbo, Scarlet, EOCG, Smitcoms, Digicel) will be connected first, four already have been connected. Local and international internet companies can save lots of costs by peering with Curacao; before the nearest exchange was in Miami. The CAR-IX is in fact a copy of the AMS-IX itself; network neutral, independent and non-profit.

“This is one of the many projects we handle internationally. Our relations appreciate our expertise and our quick and flexible service. With projects like this we can prove we can also support them outside of the Benelux and the UK”; says Leon de Keijzer, Managing Director of Infradata. “When it’s about Network Integration the international operating Service Providers know where to find us”.

For more information: AMS-IX

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