Infradata ends up in 37th place during High Growth Awards

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Infradata ended up in 37th place overall during the High Growth Awards. In South Holland, the network integrator from Leiden clinched 3rd place. Emesa, the company behind, and Sparco International were the big winners on Wednesday evening in the Duisenberg Auditorium of the Rabobank in Utrecht during the presentation of the High Growth Awards. Emesa was Overall Winner, with Sparco getting the Public Prize.

The High Growth Awards is the podium for top-growth companies in the Netherlands. A nomination for this award means recognition of exceptional growth performance. An independent jury decides which is the best growing company in the region.

Participation in the High Growth Awards is open to fast-growing companies in all sectors. Participating companies must exist for a minimum of three years and be out of their start-up phase. They must be managed by entrepreneurs who have the required business experience under their belt and want to grow in quality and quantity. The participation criteria are as follows:

  • The company is the parent company or the holding.
  • The company is Dutch and is located in the Netherlands.
  • The company is managed by the managing director and majority shareholder, the managing director or the manager with signatory rights.
  • The company has existed for at least 3 years and has at least 10 full-time employees; the net revenue in 2011 must be at least EUR 3 million.*
  • The numbers for the past three years (2009, 2010 and 2011) show an average revenue growth of at least 10%.*
  • The growth occurred due to autonomous development and/or through a merger or acquisition
  • The growth relates to the core activity.
  • There is a clear vision of future growth in place.

‘This is the second year that we’ve been nominated for the High Growth Awards. It sure is great to be on almost all of the growth lists this year’, said Leon de Keijzer, CEO of Infradata. ‘These High Growth Awards are an especially nice initiative because it’s not only about quantitative growth but also about qualitative growth. That’s why I am proud that we’ve landed on the list of these Awards for two years now’.

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