Infradata equips LeaseWeb w/ 100 Gbps Ethernet interfaces

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Leiden, March 13, 2012 – Leading European hosting provider LeaseWeb is one of the first hosting providers to invest in 100GE interfaces. The new 100 Gbps interfaces are being used in LeaseWeb’s Juniper Networks MX platform. Network integrator Infradata is making its contribution by ensuring delivery and support for the fast blades.

LeaseWeb’s capacity expansion is a preparatory measure for the data traffic peaks that the hosting provider expects to see. These data traffic peaks are caused by increasing Internet usage and the great demand for “rich media” (such as video streaming) via the Internet. Leaseweb will use the 100 Gbps interfaces to strengthen its connection with AMS-IX, one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world. This will mark the first time a hosting provider does so using Juniper technology. This way LeaseWeb can continue to guarantee its customers premium quality while keeping a firm grasp on traffic and network costs. Thanks to fast adoption by Juniper Networks and the short time to market of the 100 Gbps Ethernet cards, LeaseWeb is already able to employ the blades now.

With more than 40,000 hosted servers, LeaseWeb is one of the largest and fastest-growing hosting providers in Europe, thereby taking the lead in the 100Gbps area in the Netherlands.

“Offering this level of performance on the current market allows us to guarantee both current and new customers even better quality for relatively low network costs. Integrator Infradata and Juniper Networks made sure that we were able to quickly take advantage of this performance upgrade in a future-proof manner,” says Ruud Mous, Commercial Director of LeaseWeb.

“The fact that LeaseWeb was one of the first in the Netherlands to start offering 100Gbps confirms the company’s innovativeness, fast adaptability and largeness of scale as a hosting provider. In view of the enormous increase in Internet traffic, I expect that LeaseWeb will certainly not be the last hosting provider to order 100Gbps interfaces this year,” says Pieter Vogelaar, Director Sales of Infradata.

More information: Leaseweb and Juniper Networks

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