Infradata integrates SBCs from Acme Packet for UNET

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UNET, supplier of information and communications services via broadband connections, has chosen Infradata to help it optimise its telephone services. To do this, the independent network integrator Infradata will supply Session Border Controller (SBC) solutions from Acme Packet to UNET. Infradata will use the SBCs to support UNET’s telephone services in the field of Managed VoIP and PSTN Connect.

During the first half of 2011, more than 55% of consumers were calling using VoIP; the remaining 45% were still using analogue telephone systems. These statistics were part of the results contained in the second quarter and semi-annual figures of Opta's 2011 Structural Market Monitor. Infradata has observed that, since that time, calling via VoIP has even gained broad acceptance in the Dutch business market. Simon de Heer, Senior Sales Executive at Infradata: “We are also seeing an increase in Session Border Controller integrations in converged voice and data networks, such as at UNET.”

An SBC allows you to control VoIP signalling and the data streams that are required for establishing, transmitting and ending a phone call. De Heer: ‘SBCs have become an indispensable element in the network for virtually every VoIP provider. Since an Acme Packet SBC supports nearly every type of telephone switchboard, the connection between various networks is simplified. It also offers the required security of VoIP. Organisations such as UNET can set up new clients’ connections faster, and the required implementation cycle is simple and short. The return-on-investment time for offering VoIP services is relatively easy to optimise this way.’

Within the context of the partnership, Infradata will use the SBCs to support UNET’s Managed VoIP and PSTN Connect telephone services. Infradata will handle the implementation of the SBC solution while also providing hardware and software support. Ger Bakker, CTO at UNET: ‘With our Managed VoIP solution, our clients use a virtual telephone switchboard that we manage. This gives them more freedom and flexibility, and they don’t have to invest in an expensive switchboard system. Thanks to our partnership with Infradata and the choice for Acme Packet, implementing our services at the end client’s facility has been made much faster and easier.’
PSTN Connect is a link between the digital world of VoIP and traditional analogue telephone systems. This gives clients using analogue telephone switchboards the opportunity to still profit from the advantages of digital. This link offers UNET customers optimum flexibility.

More information: UNET and Acme Packet

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