Infradata joins the ETIS Community

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Infradata will become associate member of the ETIS Community

As of May 2019, Infradata will join the ETIS Community for Telecom Professionals. The ETIS Community was founded in 1991 as a nonprofit organization which brings together the major telecommunications providers in Europe to share knowledge in a trusted environment. ETIS currently has over 26 members and 14 associate members, representing the telecommunications industry in 21 European countries.

Their goal is to enable its members to reach their strategic objectives and improve their customer experience by finding innovative services, delivering digital transformation and improving their security and privacy. ETIS facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing between telecom professionals by organizing workgroups, webinars and creating an online community.

Infradata hopes to attribute to the improvement of the business performance for the ETIS members by sharing knowledge and experiences on its Mobile portfolio. Infradata will take part in the Big Data, Information Security & Network and IT Transformation workgroup, as well as the Digital Telco Strategy Forum.

Infradata is a leader in intelligent routing and interworking solutions for 2G/3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, IMS, Fixed, Wi-Fi, IPX and M2M networks. We deliver next-generation signaling solutions and network applications for the telecommunications industry. Our active 5G roadmap supports service providers with their network transition to Next-Gen Core, with HTTP/2 Proxy, Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP), 4G-5G interworking and multi-protocol signaling orchestration.

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