Infradata takes care of European IP Address Management T-Mobile

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Leiden, 14 April 2009 – Infradata has been selected by T-Mobile to take care of the European IP Address Management with efficient iP. Infradata has taken care of the deployment and implementation of efficient iP in 11 European countries. Country organizations from T-Mobile in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, Holland and the UK already work with full satisfaction with the tool. With efficient iP T-Mobile can delegate specific local tasks to the different countries and control and support the growing amount of IP addresses from the central IP office in the UK. Now the organization is assured with an optimal use of the IP addresses and compliancy.

T-Mobile chose Infradata because of the unique features of efficient iP and the high expertise level of the system- & software engineers. Efficient iP offers advanced possibilities for DNS and DHCP integration, RIPE updates, right structures, IP and MAC integrators and IPv6 integration. Despite the great amount of functionalities efficient iP is extremely user friendly. Instead of senior software engineers handling the IP addresses, administrative employees can now handle them which saves a lot of administrative costs. Efficient iP simply doesn’t allow mistakes and therefore solves all the Ip related network problems from the past.

As an international mobile operator T-Mobile has to deal with a strong increase in the number of IP addresses. Therefore the need for a tool to control the IP addresses is growing. Efficient iP offers T-Mobile this possibility. The rules obtaining IP addresses are getting stricter because of a shortage. Therefore it is important to control and administrate these addresses in the right way. Efficient iP is the problem solver in this case. With efficient iP T-Mobile simply complies to the rules.

“ Infradata did an excellent job during the implementation phase of efficient iP. They work very professional and are good informed. We look forward to work together in migration and other projects”; says Chung Ching Choi, Manager IP Office at T-Mobile International.

“Efficient iP offers a lot of possibilities. Organizations can simply comply with the rules for IP addresses. This tool ends the unstructured, flaw sensitive administration of IP addresses”; says Leon de Keijzer, Managing Director of Infradata. “Companies are able to save administrative costs because of the quick, easy and clear handling of IP addresses with the software. The more IP addresses a company has to control the bigger the cost savings. This makes efficient iP very attractive for big multinationals like T-Mobile”.

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