Infradata wins Golden FD Gazellen Award

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On 23 November 2012 Infradata was declared the winner of the Golden FD Gazellen Award in South Holland. This is not the first time that the network integrator for the service provider market has been on this prestigious list. This year, Infradata is celebrating its fifth FD Gazellen anniversary; the company has been among the Netherlands’ fastest-growing companies for the past five years.

In recent years, Infradata has achieved profitable revenue growth of over 20% per year. This puts Infradata among the top fastest and continuously growing companies in the Netherlands.Leon de Keijzer, CEO of Infradata: ‘We are climbing higher on the FD Gazellen list every year because we are able to continue our growth every year. It’s great that we were this year’s winner in our region. We couldn’t ask for a nicer confirmation of our performance. I especially want to thank all of the Infradata employees, who have been able to achieve a fantastic customer experience due to their dedication and expertise. This award is a splendid reward for this.’

Infradata will continue its growth strategy in 2013 as well. The trends that Infradata will intensely continue to capitalise on are the transition from traditional mobile networks to IP networks, the development of cloud services and the support of on-demand content for television and Internet. In the Netherlands, the company will expand with new propositions for media, content and payment service providers and utilities. Internationally, the organisation will continue to grow vigorously in Belgium and Poland.


The selection of the regional FD Gazellen is done based on the annual accounts filed with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC). The criterion for receiving an FD Gazellen nomination is an uninterrupted, profitable revenue growth of minimally 20% for the past three years.

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