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Juniper Networks Expands Enterprise Portfolio with Cloud-Managed SD-LAN and CPE Devices

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Juniper Networks' SD-WAN management console now includes the SD-LAN service, providing enterprises a simplified approach to managing their SD-branch deployments. The cloud-managed Juniper solution for deploying and managing highly scalable SD-WAN deployments has been extended to include SD-LAN operations for campus and branch network environments.

SD-Branch and campus solution for unified operations

By expanding the cloud offering with SD-LAN operations, Juniper Networks customers can now easily provision Juniper EX Series switches, manage LAN fabrics and configure LAN virtualization and security policies in the same way they operate their SD-WAN environments. This is done from a cloud-managed portal, bringing more flexibility, scale and cost savings to campus and branch environments.

The automated functionality simplifies operations to reduce costs, streamline workflows and leverage the WAN and LAN network for connected security. In addition to the cloud-managed SD-WAN solution, these features will also be in the downloadable controller software for optional on-premises deployment. It helps manage local and wide-area networks from a single platform with advanced features like zero-touch provisioning, security policies and granular application service levels that deliver ease, agility and assurance.

Juniper Networks has also expanded its robust family of SRX and NFX CPE devices to include more options for secure and scalable network connectivity.

New CPE platforms for added flexibility

Juniper offers a comprehensive array of CPE devices for SD-Branch deployments, including the SRX family of secure gateways and the NFX family of universal CPEs.

Juniper has expanded this portfolio further with the following new options:

  • NFX350: The NFX350 includes the latest in x86 horsepower, as well as increased storage and memory capabilities for secure SD-WAN and other branch-local applications. All NFX350 devices will come with eight 10G and eight 1G interfaces and, depending on the configuration, up to 2TB of storage, 128GB of RAM and 32 vCPUs. The fully loaded NFX350 will support up to 40Gbps of NG-firewalling and up to 8Gbps of IPSec.
  • SRX380: The new SRX380 is the highest performing branch SRX. It comes with several performance features, including 1Gbps IPsec performance, four 10G ports, 16 PoE+ ports for greater wattage and density, AES256 MACsec encryption and four mini-card slots for expanded connectivity.
  • Wi-Fi card for branch SRX: For more compact branch locations, Juniper is introducing a Wi-Fi card for their line of branch SRX (SRX320, 340, 345, 380 and 550) next-generation firewalls and secure SD-WAN edge devices. This enables organizations to deploy Wi-Fi with zero-touch configuration alongside LTE, ethernet and other traditional network transport options for maximum ease and flexibility.

Mist Wireless Access Points visibility

Juniper made it easier to operate Wi-Fi networks in conjunction with the SD-Branch. The same portal for SD-WAN and SD-LAN can be used to show Mist wireless access points and launch the Mist cloud for WLAN provisioning, troubleshooting, management and other day-to-day operations, including their recently announced wired/wireless assurance capabilities.

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