Juniper Networks Reinforces Commitment to Open Source

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Juniper Networks


Juniper Networks further bolstered its support for open standards during its annual NXTWORK user conference, by announcing its intent to move the codebase for OpenContrail™, an open-source network virtualization platform for the cloud, to the - Linux Foundation.

Grow use of open source platforms in multi-cloud environments

Juniper first released its Juniper Contrail products as open-sourced in 2013 and built a vibrant user and developer community around this project. Earlier this year, Juniper expanded the project's governance, creating an even more open, community-led effort to strengthen the project for its next growth phase. Adding OpenContrail's codebase to the Linux Foundation's networking projects will further its objective to grow the use of open-source platforms in cloud ecosystems.

"We applaud Juniper for putting OpenContrail as a project within the Linux Foundation. We expect that this move will further expand its community reach and spur new innovations. Projects like OpenContrail bring local network overlay control into open source, enhancing the openness and broadening the ecosystem of software-defined networking. We look forward to joining others in working within the OpenContrail community. - Chris Rice, Senior Vice President of AT&T Labs

OpenContrail is a scalable network virtualization control plane. It provides both feature-rich software-defined networking (SDN) and strong security. OpenContrail has been deployed by various organizations, including cloud providers, telecom operators and enterprises, to simplify operational complexities and automate workload management across diverse cloud environments, including multi-cloud.

Juniper Networks firmly believes that open source and open standards foster greater innovation and for years has carried out this work to support a variety of open source communities. Once the Linux Foundation takes over governance of OpenContrail's codebase, Juniper's mission to ensure the project truly remains community-led will be fulfilled. The Linux Foundation and its projects form the most ambitious and successful investment in the creation of shared technologies. The Foundation has created a successful collaborative model that is powering new innovations at a rapid pace, benefiting organizations and individuals globally. The addition of OpenContrail's codebase to the Foundation's open-source projects will accelerate pioneering advancements, community adoption and further enable easier and secure migration to multi-cloud.

"We are excited at the prospect of our growing global community being able to broadly adopt, manage and integrate OpenContrail's codebase to manage and secure diverse cloud environments. Having this addition to our open-source projects will be instrumental in achieving the level of technology advancements our community has become known for." -Arpit Joshipura, vice president of networking and orchestration at the Linux Foundation

"Juniper's focus on cloud-grade networking means delivering on the promises of open and scalable multi-cloud networking options. OpenContrail is a key part of that strategy. Our goal of placing OpenContrail's codebase with the Linux Foundation shows Juniper's commitment to open networking and open source overall. Over the past year, we have been working closely with the community to transition the governance for OpenContrail's codebase because we believe it has the unique opportunity to be a ubiquitous cloud-grade network fabric used everywhere. We look forward to continuing our close participation with the community once this project takes on new life under the Linux Foundation." - Randy Bias, vice president of technology - cloud software at Juniper Networks

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