KPN losing ground on the business market

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The gap between Vodafone Netherlands and KPN on the buisiness mobile market has been getting smaller in the last few years, according to Computer Profile which looked at 443,000 subscriptions. At the beginning of the year, KPN (including Telfort) had a lead of 1 percent in terms of mobile telephone subscriptions numbers. The data considered companies with 50 or more employees on site.

At the beginning of 2010, KPN and Telfort together accounted for 50 percent of all mobile telephone subscriptions. The difference with Vodafone NL was 10 percent. Since then, Vodafone NL has won market share from KPN. T-Mobile Netherlands also gained ground.

Vodafone NL saw gains especially from government bodies and health care organisations as well as from the business and trade sectors. T-Mobile NL grew especially in the retail segment, the service sector and among construction companies. KPN unit Telfort won the most ground in the health, IT, telecom and utilities sectors. With the exception of the transport and education sectors, KPN has lost market share on all fronts, and especially from the government and health bodies.

Vodafone NL is still a relatively small player on the fixed telephony market, with around 6 percent of companies using Vodafone NL for these services. KPN is, with two-thirds of all fixed telephony connections, still by far the market leader, even though it lost a 10 percent market share in the three years to 2013. Vodafone NL has been growing strongly in the last three years; its market share more than tripled in that time.

Over a longer period, MVNO Tele2 Netherlands has also expanded its share in the fixed telephony market. The main providers of fixed telephony over cable, UPC Business and Ziggo Business seem not to have directly benefited. At the 6,000 locations studied, the market share of these providers has stayed the same in recent years.

The market share of the “other” category grew in the last years. This category includes data from BT, Verizon, Colt and Detron.. Detron operates for customers as a provider of fixed telephony, but uses the (data) connections of unit Esprit Telecom and those of Tele2 Netherlands.

More information: KPN, Vodafone, Ziggo Zakelijk, Tele2 and T-Mobile

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