McAfee named Leader in Forrester WAVE Cloud Workload Security report

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McAfee has been named a leader by independent research firm Forrester in its first WAVE report on Cloud Workload Security (CWS).

Key differentiators and McAfee Cloud Workload Security

The Forrester Wave evaluates and ranks products in the CWS category against 30 pre-defined criteria. The report provides security leaders with evaluations of the 13 providers that matter most and how they stack up.

Forrester conducted a detailed technical evaluation of each product, as well as an analysis of each provider’s market presence and strategy. In its findings, Forrester said that support for containerization and OS-level protection were key differentiators. Forrester also says, “Vendors that can provide cloud and on-premises-based CWS solutions position themselves to successfully deliver comprehensive cloud workload protection and posture management to their customers.”

In this first CWS Wave report, authored by Forrester Vice President, Principal Analyst Andras Cser with Merritt Maxim, Matthew Flug, and Peggy Dostie, McAfee is designated a leader. McAfee Cloud Workload Security (CWS) and MVISION Cloud Security contributed to McAfee receiving the highest score possible in the categories of:

Current offering:

  • Operating system-level workload protection
  • Users and roles
  • API-level connectivity and control for IaaS and PaaS
  • Hypervisor protection


  • Centralized agent framework plans
  • API control for IaaS and PaaS plans
  • Hypervisor protection plans
  • Threat detection and auditing plans
  • Services and partners
  • Sales staffing
  • Support staffing
  • Pricing terms and flexibility

McAfee scores 5 out of 5 in Threat Detection and Auditing plan criterion

McAfee was recognized for its coverage of guest OS and API platforms, for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, which offers comprehensive and centralized control of CWS policies, as well as for comprehensive memory integrity monitoring, DLP scans for sensitive information for AWS S3 buckets and Azure blobs, as well as automatic warning of vulnerabilities based on fingerprinting good container images. McAfee was the only vendor to score a 5 out of 5 in the Threat Detection and Auditing plans criterion.

Evaluation summary

The Forrester Wave™ evaluation highlights Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders, and Challengers. It’s an assessment of the top vendors in the market and doesn’t represent the entire vendor landscape. From a vendor perspective, the amount of time and resources Forrester spends to evaluate vendors is significant. The process is designed to cut through the marketing hype and validate every vendor claim in much the same way a large enterprise might evaluate solutions. In some ways, Forrester’s evaluation is even more rigorous than the typical IT procurement process.

McAfee CWS enables users to quickly and easily discover, visualize, protect, and simplify security management across all IT (physical, virtual, and public, private and hybrid cloud environments).

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