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What is the new Juniper AI-Native Networking Platform?

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Juniper Networks


In the dynamic world of network management, Juniper Networks has once again raised the bar high with the introduction of its AI-Native Networking Platform and the revolutionary Marvis Minis. This move not only signifies a leap in AIOps and data centre operations for AI workloads but also marks a transformative approach to proactive network problem-solving.

See also the recording of our recent Teams-Talk event that answers the question on what is Juniper AI-Native networking, further down on this page.

Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform: A game-changer

Juniper Networks has reshaped the networking landscape by rebuilding its entire network stack with AI at its core. The AI-Native Networking Platform integrates a shared AI engine and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) across campus, branch, and data centre networks. This innovative approach drastically simplifies the network architecture, promising efficiency and agility.

Key Features of the AI-Native Networking Platform:

  1. AIOps integration: Emphasising the role of AI in operational efficiency, the platform ensures optimal performance for AI workloads in data centres.
  2. Marvis Minis - The proactive digital twin: As a standout feature, Marvis Minis acts as a digital experience twin, proactively identifying and resolving connectivity issues in the network before they impact end-users.
  3. Marvis VNA for data centres: Extending beyond campuses and branches, the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) now enhances data centre operations, promising significant reductions in issue resolution times.

Marvis Minis: Elevating network optimisation

Marvis Minis introduces a transformative approach to network management, shifting the focus towards preemptive problem-solving and enhancing user experiences without requiring manual intervention. This AI-powered solution simulates user interactions to detect and resolve issues autonomously, streamlining operations and minimising the effort spent on troubleshooting.

The integration of machine learning technology into Marvis Minis marks a significant advancement, enabling the system to adapt and stay ahead of potential disruptions by learning from network behavior patterns. This not only helps in addressing current problems but also in predicting and preventing future issues.

Smart network management with Marvis Minis

One of the standout features of Marvis Minis is its automatic issue-resolution capability. By fixing problems preemptively, it ensures continuous, uninterrupted network service, providing a superior experience for users. This approach goes beyond mere quick fixes, fostering a network environment where disruptions are addressed before they affect service quality.

In essence, Marvis Minis revolutionises network management by offering a smarter, self-sufficient tool that optimises performance, ensures reliability, and elevates the overall user experience, setting a new benchmark in the field.

See AI in action

Watch our Teams-Talk recording, where we delve into the challenges of connecting AI workloads and the benefits of AIOps in the data centre with Juniper Networks.

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