Oracle buys Network Company Acme Packet for 2.1 Billion Dollars

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Oracle has announced its intention to acquire Acme Packet for the sum of 2.1 billion dollars. Oracle wants to use the acquisition of the network equipment manufacturer to compete better against Cisco.

The Acme Packet acquisition is Oracle’s biggest one since it acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010 for 7 billion dollars. Oracle already made all the necessary acquisitions last year, including the takeover of Eloqua for over 800 million dollars. Larry Ellison, Oracle’s CEO, also announced in October that the company would not shrink from making some major acquisitions.

Oracle wants to use Acme Packet’s network products to compete better against companies like Cisco. Organisations in both the private and public sectors are switching en masse to IP networks for telephone communication and other purposes. Acme’s network equipment and software should enable Oracle to respond to the demand. For example, the company has developed the session border control protocol. This technology should enable Oracle to safely transmit VOIP and other IP traffic streams over networks.

For more information, go to: Acme Packet

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