SURFsara & Infradata install first Juniper QFabric in Holland

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Leiden, 10 January 2013 – SURFsara, the national High Performance Computing and e-Science Support Centre, has selected Infradata to be the network integrator of the first Juniper Networks QFabric network infrastructure to be built in the Netherlands. SURFsara supports researchers in the Netherlands with an integrated ICT infrastructure and provides services and expertise in the area of computing, data storage, visualisation, network, cloud and e-science to research centres, universities and the business community.

SURFsara participates in projects in the area of large-scale data storage and data processing for the Large Hadron Collider (CERN Geneva) and LOFAR, among others. Due to the constant increase of data traffic, SURFsara was looking for a fitting solution for scaling up the network and ultimately selected network integrator Infradata, who offered a solution based on Juniper Networks products, from among the numerous offers it received. The chosen solution QFabric is a new, revolutionary network concept that separates the logical parts of an L2/L3 switch and places them into separate physical machines. This makes it possible to set up a flexible, robust network that is easily scalable and centrally manageable. Thanks to this, the network will be well-prepared for future expansions.


‘The innovative character of the QFabric solutions, with which exponential improvements are achieved in the areas of speed, scalability and efficiency, was an important factor in the selection process. Our long-standing cooperation with both Juniper Networks and Infradata played a role in our selection’, says Paul Wielinga of SURFsara, responsible for network innovation and network support.


‘In addition to it being an interesting organisation, the fruitful collaboration with SURFsara is also an honour. Working together with a partner who is at the forefront of many revolutionary discoveries and inventions is quite a feat. The fact that we can make a contribution to this with our knowledge, networks and services is a nice confirmation of our expertise’, says Pieter Vogelaar, Director of Sales at Infradata. ‘The fact that we are also the first in the Netherlands to roll out Juniper Networks’ revolutionary QFabric concept at SURFsara fills me with pride.’

Simplification of data centre network infrastructures

Marcel van Opzeeland, Regional Director of Service Providers BeNeLux at Juniper Networks: ‘With QFabric we’ve taken the next step towards simplifying data centre network infrastructures. Cooperating with a progressive organisation like SURFsara proves that Juniper Networks’ solutions are among the most powerful and innovative of their kind. Thanks to the good cooperation between network integrator Infradata and Juniper, SURFsara can now have a network with the best speed, scalability and manageability.’

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