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Top 5 reasons to outsource network management

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Top 5 reasons to outsource network management

Network management is probably one of the most important components when mapping your organisation's IT infrastructure. Outsourcing is a great way to free up your internal IT team to focus on day-to-day operations and strategic goals. Whether you outsource all or just part of your network management, there are many benefits for your employees and company alike.

Here we’ve listed the top 5 reasons to outsource your network management.

1. The knowledge of network experts

You may have an experienced in-house IT team, but it can be hard for them to keep up with the specialised technology network management requires on top of their day-to-day work. When you outsource your network management you gain the expertise of a whole networking team dedicated to helping you plan, monitor, and grow your network.

2. Experience a more reliable network

Outsourcing the management of your network to a dedicated team alleviates network downtime thanks to continuous monitoring and automated recovery. With off-site providers, your data is protected should something happen to your premises, meaning you can be back up and running much more quickly. But, it’s not just physical threats a management service provider can help protect you against. We all know cybersecurity is a vital part of business these days, especially with more people working remotely. Outsourcing your network security takes the burden from your IT team putting the task into the hands of true experts able to monitor and respond to threats properly.

3. Managed IT services are more cost-effective than you might think

Outsource your network management and you could see a decrease in the operating cost of your organisation. Most services include repair and maintenance as standard so, with a recurring monthly plan, you reduce service costs. You also won’t have the large spend associated with having a specialised internal networking team within your own IT department.

4. Refocus your team on core business strategy

If you already have an excellent in-house IT team, you can free them up to focus on core functions and growing your business. With day-to-day networking, maintenance and security issues taken care of by an off-site team of experts, your employees are free to focus on growth and profitability. This improvement in efficiency also allows more time for personal development, increasing staff well-being and job satisfaction and improving customer service.

5. Scaling up, or down, is a breeze

As your business grows your network will undoubtedly need to scale up to meet new demands. If this is all happening in-house it can be time and labour-intensive. However, when you outsource your network management all of this can be taken care of by a dedicated team of experts. This is especially helpful if your business is seasonal or experiences regular fluctuations. This guidance through scaling has become invaluable with the move to more employees working from home and all the changes that has brought to businesses.

When network outsourcing is not right for your business

Outsourcing network management isn’t necessarily right for every business, there will be instances where keeping things in-house make much more sense. For example, if you require more flexibility in your network services then outsourcing its management could mean you have a little less control. But working with the right people to plan manage and secure your network can be game-changing. Finding a trustworthy, reliable, and innovative network management team can maximise efficiency and productivity among your own employees leading to growth and profitability.

As each business has unique needs it’s important to find the right team to manage your network. Get in touch with our Managed Network Team today to find out if outsourcing network management is right for you.

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