Vodafone and Infradata successfully finish the replacement of the Vodafone Radius- platform

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Leiden, 4th of november 2010 – Infradata and Vodafone have successfully replaced the Vodafone RADIUS- Platform. The network availability of Vodafone is being supported by a Juniper SteelBelted Radius-platform (SBR) which is a critical part in servicing the customers of Vodafone.

Infradata has been a preferred partner of Vodafone for several years now and mostly cooperates concerning the RADIUS-platform of Vodafone. With the Juniper SteelBelted RADIUS-platform Vodafone controls the mobile network access of its users. Nowadays RADIUS platforms are more and more integrated with other systems and mobile services.

In 2009 Infradata and Vodafone have started to design this replacement. Despite the deadline being moved to an earlier date the migration of the platforms have been successfully finished within time. Next to the design and migration Infradata is also responsible for the support on the entire infrastructure.

‘Due to the rising number of smart mobile handsets and applications on mobile services like mail, internet and livesteams an improved security gets more and more important. At Vodafone we approach this challenge in a very pro active way’ says Ger Coolen, CTO of Vodafone. ‘Thanks to Infradata we were able to pro actively, flawlessly and quickly upgrade the RADIUS-platform without service interruptions’.

‘I’m very proud of the way this RADIUS project has been handled by us. Our RADIUS experts have really done a tremendous job. Everything is being done within the set deadlines and the network tests went fine’, says Leon de Keijzer, Manging Director of Infradata. ‘The cooperation with Vodafone is very pleasant and this project shows Infradata can easily manage complex migrations in a live environment.’

More information: Juniper Networks and Vodafone

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