Vodafone selects Infradata and Efficient IP for IP Address Management

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Vodafone Global and Vodafone Spain initiated an international cooperation with Infradata for the integration of IP Address Management (IPAM) based on Efficient IP. Vodafone selected the Efficient IP solutions after a thorough evaluation of several IPAM systems. Infradata will design, implement, migrate and support the new Vodafone IPAM infrastructure.

Vodafone selected Efficient IP for the flexibility, scalability and usability of IPAM. Because of the easy integration of IPAM with other systems, all the Vodafone IP addresses can be integrated within IPAM. This offers several advantages for the national IP administrations, the pan European administration and between the administrations. Vodafone can now harmonise its complete IP address administration to a single system so unused IP blocks can be tracked and the use of IP address can be optimised. The unique features of the Provisioning Workflow Management and the Service Provider eXtension within IPAM offer service providers the ability to update their own OSS/BSS application with the RIPE database. This will result in significant cost reduction for every organisation.

Vodafone and Infradata have a long history of successful joint international projects such as network security and RADIUS. The international IPAM project can be added to the list of pan European projects.

“We see a clear consciousness within operators to use IP addresses more efficiently. Mobile operators like Vodafone and T-Mobile are way ahead of other operators by choosing IPAM”, says Pieter Vogelaar, Sales Manager at Infradata. “By integrating IPAM within operators like Vodafone and T-Mobile we have established ourselves as the market leaders in IPAM integration.”

For more information: Vodafone and Efficient IP

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