What is hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud infrastructures allow you to maintain and control dedicated platforms for key systems while benefitting from the flexibility that public cloud solutions offer.

Cloud provides the foundation for a cost-effective and successful IT transformation

Public cloud solutions are ideal for companies building their infrastructure from scratch. The effort required to build a scalable data centre is minimal and capacity can grow and shrink based on actual demand. The cost of the solution is 100% OPEX and linked to the actual use of resources. The fact is that only 12% of companies with an IT infrastructure are pure public cloud users. The majority of organisations operate a hybrid model.

Even companies that start out as 100% public cloud will at some point bring some of their infrastructures in-house. Why would you trade in a pure OPEX cost model for a model that introduces CAPex and fixed OPEX? The answer is simple, cost.

A cloud provider has overheads to accommodate peak usage of their infrastructure, and while they can spread the risk across many customers with different usage profiles, they still have to price it in. If you know your minimum required resources for 24/7 capacity, it might make sense to build and operate this permanent capacity yourself.

Just as it makes sense to take a taxi, rent a car or buy one depending on where and how frequently you need transport. Fluctuations in capacity needs and issues with private capacity can easily be handled by adding more capacity in the public environment.

Keeping part of your infrastructure private can also make it easier to comply with data privacy regulations and keep data under control. It also allows you to keep legacy applications, which may not be suitable for the cloud, up and available.

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