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Discover what Nomios has to offer with an internship.

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Discover more about applying for an internship, and see if a career at Nomios is what you’re looking for. An internship is an excellent way to get to know Nomios from the inside. Immerse yourself in the cyber security and networking industry and decide what career is right for you.

Your time in an internship will see you having a full day-to-day involvement in actual projects selected to match your interests and abilities. You will join a team and work alongside Nomios employees who are all professionals in their fields. To ensure that you will get the most from the experience, a supervisor and a mentor will support you directly while you undertake regular assessments throughout your internship. Their perspectives will contribute to your understanding of the business, and its demands and rewards.

Nomios internships

Internships at a glance:

  • A real project with a significant level of business impact
  • Discovering which skills you need to develop through constructive feedback
  • Building valuable networks and contacts for future career opportunities
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Why Nomios?

A great place to kick-start your career

Explore one of the most innovative companies in cyber security and cloud networking. There has never been a more exciting time to work in the technology industry. With a career at Nomios, you’ll have a part to play in uniquely innovative projects which will provide unbeatable experience. We have a track record of cutting-edge projects around the world. These aren’t just engineering achievements. They are a product of a business that genuinely prizes progress, where you will be constantly encouraged to explore new ways of thinking and working.

Prestigious clients and cutting-edge projects.

Work with a very talented team.

Agile and lean organization.

Regular events and team drinks.

International career opportunities.

Latest laptop and smartphone.

Internship process

Mentoring and Coaching

When you join us, you will have a mentor and a supervisor to guide you throughout the internship. Your supervisor will provide day to day guidance and support whilst your mentor, acts as a sounding board, providing experienced advice and support. Your mentor is usually someone senior in your line of business.

Mid Internship Review

A meeting will take place mid-way through your internship with your supervisor and mentor. The purpose of this meeting is to review whether you have met the milestones set at the start of the project, to provide you with feedback on your performance to date and to give you examples of where you are doing well and areas for improvement.

Internship Outcome

If the overall evaluation of your internship meets our minimum employment standards, we will seek to identify a suitable position on the graduate programme for you. We are proud of our status as an accredited work placement company.


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