Executive briefing center

Focus on your business goals and challenges

As a leading cybersecurity and cloud networking company, Nomios protects enterprises, service providers, telecommunication companies and governments from an increasingly dangerous cyber threat environment. Our goal at the Executive Briefing Center is to address your specific security and networking needs and help customise solutions for your organisation.

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A customised experience designed for you

A customised executive briefing is a collaborative experience between you, Nomios executives, and our solutions teams. This allows for creative discussions that address your company’s IT challenges and opportunities. A personalised engagement with you helps build a strong business partnership, which promotes shared goals and accelerated success.

During an executive briefing, you will experience:

  • Customised agendas targeting your specific business objectives
  • Impactful discussions with executives and subject matter experts
  • Overview of the Nomios vision, mission and strategy as they relate to your business
  • Compelling product and solutions demonstrations

Nomios executives and technical experts are on hand to discuss high-level corporate strategy, provide detailed technical data, and answer questions about your IT objectives.

“Through customised engagements at our Executive Briefing Center, you will be part of an enriching, collaborative experience that stimulates discussion between Nomios executives, product managers, solution experts and customers based on your organisation’s unique needs.” - Sébastien Kher, CEO, Nomios


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