Protocol interworking function

Ensure integration and a smooth transition between protocols.

Over the last decades, a growing number of signaling protocols and interfaces have been introduced to Fixed and Mobile Networks. This to provide distinct connectivity, functions and features across many products from many vendors.

While the Telecom industry is still relying on SS7 and Diameter based connectivity, HTTP/2 will be introduced as the designated 5G Next generation Core Network protocol.

Using multiple protocols and technology domains require protocol interworking, and this is not only required to ensure integration and a smooth transition between protocols of existing Mobile Fixed/WiFi or IT domains but also to enable connectivity to the 5G (HTTP/2 based) Next Generation Core. For most vendors, operators and integrators, this results in adding new interfaces to indiviual network products which usually ends in costly, time- and resource-consuming development projects.

Nomios Poland delivers the world’s first productized Interworking Gateway, providing any-to-any interworking, routing and service orchestration. This high performance solution is designed for enabling signalling use cases across Network and IT systems from any vendor, without the need for R&D.

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