Broadband termination

Next-generation B-RAS and BNG solutions.

Broadband services to end customers are groomed to a local exchange where they enter a Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) or Multi Service Access Node (MSAN).

In many countries the incumbent provider will own these devices and offer a wholesale broadband service to other Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In doing so it tunnels traffic from users back across its network from the DSLAM to a Broadband Termination node that the end ISP owns.

The Broadband Remote Access Server (B-RAS) or Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) device then terminates the tunnelled traffic, authenticates and provides service to the user.

As broadband services have grown to include multiple service offerings it is not atypical for a broadband circuit to be delivering data, voice and video services through one circuit. This requires the ISP to be able to differentiate this traffic and treat it accordingly.

BNG devices are often aggregated geographically and must therefore support many thousands of users, each potentially with several different service offerings that require different Qualities of Service.

Consequently, a BNG device needs to be capable of handling large amounts of data, queues and sessions to be able to support the varied needs of the ISP’s customer base which will include both residential and business customers on the same device.

Nomios Poland partners with Juniper Networks to deliver world class broadband termination using the MX series of routers. We have extensive experience in designing, deploying and supporting small and large scale deployments of broadband termination technology for customers worldwide.

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