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When it comes to network and cloud security, vulnerability management is an important and even central topic for any organisation. Because the cybersecurity ecosystem evolves as technology advances and new threats are discovered every day, it is crucial to stay informed and to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with these changes.

In a company with many employees, each using several devices, the risks are multiple and the slightest mistake can have serious consequences for the company and its business.

In this article, we will look at the benefits of opting for a CVE security or CVE patch management solution, based mainly on the solutions and products offered by our partner Cisco Kenna.

What is vulnerability management?

Before we look at concrete solutions related to vulnerability management, it is important to understand what is behind the concept of vulnerability management.

The objective of vulnerability management is to secure and protect a company's IT as well as its networks and all the applications, tools and software used by the company against attacks and data theft. It is therefore essential to integrate this component into the security plan in order to identify the various security flaws and reduce the risks to which the company is exposed on a daily basis.

Scanning, patching and using effective tools to manage the SIEM are important layers of vulnerability management.

What are Kenna Security's CVE solutions and their benefits?

Kenna Security's technology focuses on the different risks in order to better understand the management of vulnerabilities by ranking them in order of importance. The idea is to identify which ones are the most urgent to deal with thanks to technologies such as machine learning, threat intelligence or data science.

Cisco Kenna allows you to accurately assess the level of risk to which your company is exposed in terms of external threats and attacks. Thanks to this analysis, you have a precise overview of the different vulnerabilities to be dealt with in order of priority, while having access to predictive modelling in order to anticipate future security breaches and intervene as soon as possible.

The data collected concerning the security of your company is analysed and interpreted in order to understand the modus operandi of the attackers: what are they doing? How do they exploit the vulnerabilities? What are their tools and techniques?

Based on the results and conclusions of the analyses made possible by the vulnerability management tool proposed by Cisco Kenna, the department in charge of implementing the cybersecurity plan has all the cards in hand to adopt a proactive attitude. This makes it easier to make the right decisions based on the direction the company wants to take.

With an effective risk assessment and prediction tool, the risk coverage of your company is very qualitative.

As a Kenna Security integrator, Nomios assists organisations in deploying solutions that are perfectly suited to the vulnerability management issues encountered within their business environment.

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