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Companies are facing major IT transformation challenges. Digital transformation at global scale dictates the way your company should embrace and adopt services from public cloud companies. Whether it is SaaS, PaaS or IaaS that gets your attention, cloud computing is a broad topic that is affecting virtually every aspect of IT. Cloud is becoming a vehicle for much of what is described as the future of IT — digital business, the Internet of Things (IoT), algorithmic business and bimodal IT.

Although the potential benefits of cloud include cost savings (a common myth is that cloud computing always saves money) and additional capabilities (for example, agility, innovation, investment protection and time to market), the latter is often the incentive for using public cloud.

But where do you start with your cloud migration iniative? What are key concerns that need to be answered? What will be your succes metrics? Is there a cloud strategy? And how do you create and execute a plan to make sure your migration stays on time, on budget, and delivers on your expectations? Effective planning is critical, and it should start with a thorough assessment of your infrastructure by an experienced vendor who understands your specific objectives.

Cloud assessment

A checklist and roadmap

Our cloud assessment is part checklist and part roadmap. It audits the entire environment to enable you on executing an efficient and effective migration.

Too many organizations attempt to perform such a cloud migration alone, which usually means asking an already overworked IT staff to try to “fit it in. Today, the average IT department is already responsible for multiple platforms. Therefore, trying to add a project as large and complex as an enterprise cloud migration parallel to current responsibilities of IT staff, simply is not a realistic expectation. It also sends the wrong message about the size and importance of the project, while making future problems inevitable to happen.

The cloud assessment helps you to achieve a faster time to value. Remember, when you go to a SaaS model, ROI has a completely different meaning. For example, you are no longer looking to recover your long-term capital investment. Instead, you're expecting to gain instant value from your new OpEx spending. Our cloud assessment helps you to carefully plan the migration and achieve a faster time to value.

Our Approach

Phase 1: Information gathering

We will discuss and review your business goals and associated cloud strategy. This will provide the context for a subsequent analysis of your current workflow management landscape.

The gathering of background information plus onsite discussions will cover not only technical details about your existing workflow management platform but also minimizes risks and maximize results to be succesfull in the new cloud model. Assess specialed areas if applicable;

  • Data collection entities
  • Interfaces and integrations
  • Customizations and configurations
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Phase 2: Cloud analysis and documentation

We will identify options for the cloud adoption model and develop a set of recommendations. These draft findings will be reviewed with your enterprise architects team prior to final presentation. This helps ensure that the recommendations are correctly aligned with your technical and business goals.

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Phase 3: Proposal and recommendations

In Phase 3, a final presentation will be conducted remotely with you and your team. This will address a cloud adoption framework for your company to migrate to the cloud.

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Cloud assessment benefits

Avoid cloud adoption surprises that could severely impact your business continuity with the Nomios Poland cloud assessment. While no one can say they’ve seen it all, Nomios Poland helps you to identify potential obstacles and challenges you may not have been aware of for your cloud migration– before they become unmanageable. Nomios Poland delivers skills and specialized expertise required for the specific solution that you or your hosting provider might not have in-house. Our teams are truly cross-functional, with a mix of expertise in project management, technical implementations, business processes, industry-specific insights, and more.

Shorten time to value

Shorten the time to value as cloud adoption shifts from Cap Ex model to Op Ex cost model. Fast migration means fast adoption of opex based costs.

Relevant cloud expertise

The assessment service team delivers expertise which is often not or not yet available in your organization. With the service team available you can expect to be delivered quality and progress.

Minimize risks

Cloud strategy review minimizes risks and maximizes success.

Cloud adoption framework

Define the cloud adoption framework.

Assess workflow management

Assess current workflow management solution assets.
Assessment services

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