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We offer custom training programs for all security and network solutions in our portfolio. These pragmatic learning sessions can be in addition to the knowledge transfer we provide during an integration project.

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For companies to be successful and maintain a competitive edge, it is critical that they invest in the development and training of their IT teams. Network and security engineers must be able to not only perform the tasks required in their current jobs but also develop skills required for future roles and responsibilities. The rapid changes occurring in today’s workplace demand a skilled, knowledgeable workforce with employees who are well trained, adaptive, flexible, and focused on the future.

Training and development needs are different for each customer. Nomios Poland is experienced in developing strategies and programs, uniquely designed to meet these needs. To have an impact, training must solve specific issues, bring a good return for the investment made, and align with the overall business objectives of our customers.

Network and security courses

Training designed around you

  • Genuine field feedback on each of the vendors and technologies we deliver. We have set up an organised and systemic approach to analyse our feedback, which you can use to make the most effective use of the various integrated solutions.
  • Adaptation of the course to your needs: specific functionalities or deployments, in-depth study of certain protocols. Each company has its own specificities, its own level of maturity, its own objectives. Nomios Poland makes a point of identifying them in order to offer you the training best adapted to your organisation.
  • A real hands-on experience with the equipment in our test environment, because nothing replaces practice. We work with you to ensure that you are able to take full advantage of the equipment to optimise its use. Theory without practice is often useless in an environment where responsiveness to incidents is paramount.
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Types of training

We provide 3 types of training courses

  • Product training, on the majority of the solutions we market. These training courses include a theoretical part and a practical part. They are personalised and individualised. Since this is an extremely sensitive area, that of IT security, we do not open the courses to several companies in a common niche.
  • Training on the main principles of security, the state of the art and good practices. These courses enable companies to develop their teams on issues that are broader than product expertise. As we move forward in a fast-moving environment, it is necessary to keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations, both in terms of the uses to be adopted to improve protection and knowledge of the cybercriminal environment.
  • A "Cyber Test Range" training course, which enables companies to train themselves to deal with increasingly complex and elaborate cyber attacks. This course starts with the setting up of a platform with the same security bricks as those you have. Once this environment similar to yours has been reproduced, it is followed by the implementation of attack scenarios to test the protection mechanisms put in place and to train you in the different processes to be adopted.
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